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  • SBS membranes have excellent flexibility, and can be used in applications where high flexibility is required, such as waterproofing of underground structures and foundations. They are also suitable for applications where good low temperature performance is required. We produce SBS membranes with cold flexibility temperatures as low as -30 c.

    SBS Membranes (Elastomeric Membranes)

  • APAO modified membranes are innovative products that combine the advantages of APP membranes with those of SBS membranes, This means that the same membrane can have a softening point as high as 155 c coupled with a cold flexibility temperature as low as -30 c.

    APAO (Elastoplastomeric Membranes)

  • Extruded Polystyrene Foam (XPS) is an excellent thermal insulation material. XPS foam is made into boards that are applied to roofs and walls of building to impart excellent insulation properties. With proper insulation, energy consumption is greatly reduced and the building occupants' comfort is enhanced. XPS has high compressive strength and low water absorption.

    Extruded Polystyrene Foam (XPS)

  • Expanded polystyrene foam has good insulation properties and because of its bead structure, is more flexible than XPS. However, its water absorption is higher than XPS and its compressive strength is lower. It is generally more economical than XPS.

    Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS)

  • Mineral wool is a thermal insulation product that is used in many ways. It can be applied to building facades, as a pipe insulation for industrial and oil refining applications. It comes as rolls, blankets, rigid boards, or pipe sections.

    Mineral Wool

  • Glass wool is suitable for use as sound insulation as well as thermal insulation. It is commonly applied to fill gypsum board partitions and as insulation for air conditioning ducts. Glass wool is supplied as rolls, boards, or as pipe sections. It can have a variety of facers such as aliminum foil, kraft paper, etc.

    Glass Wool

  • Geotextiles are used for many engineering applications. They can be used as filter fabrics, road pavement reinforcements, We manufacture a range of geotextile fabrics ranging in basis weight from 100 grams per square meter to 500 grams per square meter. We manufacture our geotextile using the highly-advanced spunbond (continuous filament) technology, meaning that they provide higher performance with less material weight. Our products are made from polyester and are environmentally friendly. Our unique technology enables us to use up to 100% recycled content while maintaining a product quality equal to or better than products made with virgin raw materials.


  • TPO membranes have excellent performance and are very well suited to large roofs. The seams can be welded with an air gun, providing a strong watertight seam. They can be fully bonded, mechanically fixed, or ballasted. TPO membranes have excellent puncture resistance.

    TPO Membranes

  • PVC membranes come in two main varieties: reinforced or unreinforced (homogeneous). They are ideal for applications requiring flexibility along with high strength. They can be applied using heat welding with an air gun. The membranes can be recycled and some types come with a white reflective surface thus providing good solar reflectivity.

    PVC Membranes

  • We manufacture a wide range of liquid bituminous coatings. This includes water-based emulsions, solvent-based coatings, rubberized coatings, and fiberized coatings. They can be applied to waterproof footings, building facades, etc.

    Bituminous Coatings

  • Concrete admixtures are additives that are applied to concrete mixes to impart certain properties that may be needed. Products include retardants, accelerators, superplasticizers, waterproofing, etc.

    Concrete Admixtures

  • APP modified membranes are suitable or applications where superior high temperature performance is required, such as roofing. We produce a wide range of APP membranes with thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 5 mm. The softening point (ring and ball temperature) can be as high as 155c.

    APP Membranes (Plastomeric Membranes)

  • Protection boards are applied to protect the integrity of the waterproofing membranes and insure that it they are not punctured or damaged when backfilling operations are done. We manufacture rigid bituminous protection boards ranging in thickness from 3 to 6 mm.

    Bituminous Protection Boards

  • Self-Adhesive (peel and stick) membranes are ideal when the use of open flame is either not allowed or not recommended. They are also ideal for use in many Do It Yourself (DIY) applications. Cut into various widths, self-adhesive membranes can also be used as pipe protection (pipewrap) or as repair and patching materials for old roofs.

    Self-adhesive Membranes (SBS-modified)